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Does your project have specific safety requirements, questions or concerns? Please reach out directly to Brian, our Safety Supervisor, @ 818-942-0339 x1005, or email to

(Please note these measures are a work in progress and subject to change. LAST UPDATED: 5/25/2020.)

• Extensive signage at all entrances and throughout the prop house announce safety requirements and expectations.
• All persons entering the building are required to wear a face covering and to keep it covering both nose and mouth for the duration of their visit. If you do not have one, we are happy to provide one.
• All persons will be asked and expected to practice social distancing.
• Hand sanitizer dispensers are mounted throughout the prop house and on the docks.
• Non-touch faucets, soap and paper towel dispensers have been installed in all restrooms and breakrooms.
• Aisles are designated one-way directional, and clearly marked, to allow individuals to more easily maintain 6’ foot social distances and reduces chance encounters.
• The Decorator’s Lobby area is temporarily unavailable for working or waiting. (Good news? Christmas smalls have a home there.)
• All coffee service, boxed water and Decorator amenities are temporarily suspended. However, no-touch water and ice are available on the Shipping Dock, as well as individually wrapped, bio-degradable cups.
• Evaporative coolers and HVAC will remain off and fans will be used for cooling and air movement.
• Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected continually, at a minimum of every 2 hours by a designated full-time SAFETY TECHNICIAN. These include light switches, door knobs, handles, faucets, countertops, handrails, product dispensers, etc.
• All persons entering the building will do so through the entrance designated on the Shipping Dock. (The lobby entrance is temporarily closed.)

• ALL Team Members with any known possible exposure have tested negative for COVID-19.
• ALL Team Members will test for COVID-19 before June 8.
• ALL Team Members have been given their own Safety Guidelines and undergone extensive training using both written and spoken instruction to ensure understanding of all aspects of these Measures & Protocols, CDC and LAHD guidelines.
• ALL Team Members will undergo a safety screening each morning and have volunteered to have their temperature taken. Any showing fever or any other symptom of illness or reporting exposure to someone with COVID-19 will be sent home immediately.
• We have extended paid sick leave benefits to encourage Team Members to stay home if feeling unwell.
• We have redesigned our Team Member workstations and docks and installed extensive plex screening to minimize possible germ travel and accommodate appropriate social distancing.
• Team Members have been provided PPE appropriate to their duties and trained in its use.
• Team Members will avoid using each other’s tools, office supplies, telephones, etc. When it is unavoidable, items will be disinfected between uses.
• Each workstation has been provided a designated sanitation kit, and each Team Member charged with the responsibility of disinfecting their own workspace and frequently touched items at a minimum of twice daily (before lunch and before the end of their shift.)
• A SAFETY TECHNICIAN has been designated and is dedicated FULL TIME to ongoing sanitization using products meeting EPA guidelines and approved for use and effective against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.
• A SAFETY SUPERVISOR, identifiable by yellow vest, will ensure that all safety measures and protocols are followed on an ongoing basis and will be on hand to answer any questions from Team Members or visitors.
• A SAFETY LOT COORDINATOR, identifiable by yellow vest, will collect the names and time of entry and exit of all customers and crew entering the lot. This will enable us to assist authorities with tracing in the unlikely event of exposure to the virus and to notify anyone who may have been exposed. They will also direct parking and trucks entering the lot.

• All persons handling props, both Team Members and clients, will be asked to wear disposable gloves, which will be provided in multiple sizes. These should be discarded as you leave the building in designated trash bins.
• If you prefer to work glove-free, you will be asked to wash your hands and to apply hand sanitizer liberally from the hand sanitizing station located in the sales area before being given a decker.
• All smalls deckers will be sanitized in the presence of the Decorator prior to use.
• Though most recent CDC guidelines indicate surface transfer of COVID-19 virus is unlikely, we will mist-sanitize those props which will not be damaged by the process, using a low-toxicity EPA approved Quat disinfecting agent, upon request with 24-hour notice prior to packing at no cost.

• Our shoppable website for major set dressing pieces, lighting, rugs, etc. will be online shortly and we encourage use of its “request for hold” feature for these categories.
• Decorators should also feel free to forward requests for holds via email to a sales Team Member. Feel free to send old job photos or references or call us and explain your needs.
• Is there another way we can assist you in working from home? Please let us know and we will try to help.
• We will reopen limiting the number of Decorators/Shoppers in the showroom to pull smalls or to photograph to a maximum of 4 at any one time. These limits will change as conditions change.
• Three of these spots will be designated for APPOINTMENTS. We encourage all Decorators to call or email to request an appointment time that works best for them. When doing so, please give an estimate of how much time you think you will need. We will get back to you with confirmation or an alternative time that is as close to your request as possible.
• One spot will be designated for DROP IN. If you would like to DROP IN, the SAFETY LOT COORDINATOR will let you know if we are at capacity, and you will be asked to wait until it’s your turn. You will not be able to wait inside the building. * For this reason, we encourage everyone to make an appointment. *A shady area under the trees with socially distanced seating will be available for waiting, if you prefer not to do so in your vehicle.
• We ask that you shop without the accompaniment of a sales Team Member and instead communicate your holds requests via EMAIL with photographs. (The NEST app is the ideal way to do this.)
• For those who prefer to work with a sales Team Member, we will be happy to assist you from a safe social distance.
• We ask that you work as quickly as possible to accommodate as many fellow Decorators/shoppers as possible.

• The SAFETY LOT COORDINATOR, located at the gate, will coordinate the coming and going of trucks.
• Only one truck for Shipping and one truck for Receiving will be allowed on the lot at a time.
• Trucks will back in from Hart Street into the newly designated dock bays which run parallel to Lankershim Blvd. This is to accommodate the additional room required in the parking lot to ensure adequate social distancing for crews as they load and unload.
• We ask that crews honor the pick-up times given, and will take great care to make sure orders are ready when promised.
• As always, crews may call to see if their orders are ready early. Trucks will not be allowed on the lot ahead of their pick up times, however, if their orders are not ready.
• On the Shipping Dock, Team Members will remain behind plex screens during crew loading and will be unable to assist.
• Pick up paperwork will be sent for signature to Art Department Coordinators or Leadmen prior to pick up through DocuSign.
• For crews picking up, the SAFETY LOT COORDINATOR will hand over order paperwork pre-signed via DocuSign and direct the truck to their order under the tent located to the left of the Shipping Dock. No other contact with nest Team Members will be necessary.
• We ask that trucks picking up at our Shipping Dock do so as quickly as possible to accommodate waiting trucks. (Please avoid load shifting, re-packing and cross loading in the parking lot.)
• Any pre-existing damage may be photographed and shown to the SAFETY LOT COORDINATOR upon exit for notation to paperwork.
• Members of crew handling paperwork when DocuSign has not been utilized, will be asked by the SAFETY LOT COORDINATOR to wear disposable gloves, which we will provide, or to apply hand sanitizer liberally prior to handling clipboard. Crew should use their own pen.
• The SAFETY LOT COORDINATOR will collect show and contact information from shows who are returning, so that it is no longer necessary to fill out the return log book.
• On the Receiving Dock, crews will be asked to unload outside under tents in the lot located to the right of the Receiving Dock. No other contact with nest Team Members will be necessary.
• Crew will be asked to use a designated path to access the restroom.
• The dock coffee service is temporarily suspended.
• No touch ice and water are available on the dock, along with individually wrapped bio degradable cups.